In 2020, we temporarily became a nation of homeschoolers. On a daily basis, parents and grandparents are being reminded how incredible teachers are as we scramble to remember algebra and chemistry.

But not all homework is created equal. You’d think we’d be able to nail an assignment on the letter T. However, this worksheet baffled kindergarteners and adults alike.

The worksheet was originally shared by photographer Royce Winnick, who couldn’t figure it out. The first answer is tub. Then ten. Then top. We’re cruising! But then we get to the fourth drawing.

Clearly a group of animals. Looks pretty rabbit-y to me. What other animals start with T? Turkey? Tortoise? Toucan? Tree porcupine? I don’t think we’re getting warmer.

What’s the answer?

Winnick’s daughter’s answer was “pet.” I didn’t realize we could guess non-T words, since this is clearly a T worksheet. But her teacher gave her credit, but said that was not the answer the kindergarten worksheet overlords were looking for.

The correct answer is … vet.

I’m dropping out.


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