Losing a loved one is difficult. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. During that process, you may be in a position to decide how a person will be remembered.

Traditionally, many families choose a plot at a cemetery, which gives relatives and friends a place to visit. Recently, we’ve seen the return to natural or green burials, which means a simple and environmentally friendly burial.

“We’re seeing that baby boomers are moving away from the traditional, cookie-cutter funerals of the past and are interested in more custom — and often casual — ceremonies,” says Alison Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Ever Loved, a website that helps families plan and pay for funerals.

Shopping Medicare in the digital age is as simple as you make it.

There is another, less traditional way to commemorate and remember a loved one. Eterneva, featured in the video above, is a company that specializes in turning ashes into a diamond. You can design the diamond to reflect the person it’s meant to commemorate. For example, choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or hair. And Eterneva will engrave their name on the diamond’s edge.