There are many things we associate with the Irish: meat and potatoes, Riverdance, four-leaf clovers and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day.

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, where better to celebrate than in a traditional Irish pub steeped in history and, well, Guinness? But what if you don’t have an Irish pub within staggering distance of your front door? If that’s the case, then fear not: The Paddy Wagon Pub will bring the pub (and the party) right to you. And they’ll inflate it, too.

Taking inspiration from the bouncy houses ubiquitous at children’s parties, the company rents out an inflatable version of an Irish pub that fits as many as 80 people, complete with real drinks for an authentic Irish experience. Well, authentic-ish.

Blow-up bar

The blow-up bar has the feel of a real pub inside and out. The vinyl of the interior is printed with brickwork, a fake fireplace and even chimneys. The Paddy Wagon also provides a fiddle player or DJ, Irish step dancers and a “pour your own pint” demonstration. The temporary saloons cost about $435 to rent.

If you want the luck of the Irish all year round, you can purchase an inflatable pub outright here for about $2,000.

Remember ladies, no high heels in the pub or it could be a deflating experience. Or if you simply can’t part with your shoes, you could always rent the ‘pub on wheels’ also known as The Shebeen. The options really are endless this year.

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