It’s the season of giving, and that includes holiday tipping. The year is coming to a close and many people want to show gratitude to the hardworking service providers in their life.

According to’s 2019 Cost of Holidays Survey, 80% of people said they give holiday tips and 54% of those polled tip at least three people.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 11 people you should tip this holiday season, and how much experts say you should give them.

And if you’re strapped for cash, don’t worry: You can always do something else to express your gratitude, like sending a thoughtful card, baking cookies or even knitting something special.

1. Garbage collectors

Giving between $10 and $30 to each member of your garbage collection crew is typically the standard tipping practice.

If your garbage is collected by your municipality, however, you’ll want to check your town or city regulations to see if cash is allowed. If not, opt for a gift card, small gift or homemade holiday treat.

2. Housekeepers

The amount you’ll want to tip your housekeeper depends on their frequency of service. If someone cleans your house once or twice a month, about half the amount of one service is acceptable, according to CNBC.

Regular cleaners should receive up to one week’s pay and/or a small gift, while live-in help’s tip would be up to one week to one month of pay, plus a gift.

3. Pet caretakers

If someone cares for your fur babies year round, show them your gratitude this holiday season.

For dog walkers, consider tipping up to one week’s pay. For groomers, the tip should be up to the cost of one session.

4. Building staff

Building staff work hard year round. Here’s how much to tip each of them to show your appreciation:

  • Elevator operator: $15 to $40 each
  • Doorman: $15 to $80 each
  • Superintendent: $20 to $80
  • Handyman: $15 to $40

5. Hairstylist/manicurist/barber

If you’re a regular at the hair salon or get your nails done often, consider tipping your hairstylist, manicurist, and/or barber.

For beauty salon staff, you can tip up to the amount of one visit, divided among those who work with you. For your barber, tip around the cost of a visit.

6. Landscaper/gardener

According to RealSimple, tipping $20 to $50 to your landscaper and/or gardener is a good way to show thanks. If they come frequently, consider giving up to a week’s pay.

7. Caregivers

If you’ve hired a caregiver on your own, it’s common to give a gift or a gift card. In some cases, you’ll decided to give a tip or bonus in the form of cash — anywhere from $100 to a week’s pay, depending on how many hours the caregiver works, and how long they’ve been with your family.

If the caregiver works through an agency, however, check the agency’s policy around tipping and gifts because it may be discouraged. The same goes for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In these three situations, it would almost certainly be acceptable to give something like a tin of baked goods.

And while you should let your parent know that you’re planning to give her aide a gift, you should be the one to hand it out.

8. Personal trainers & massage therapists

Consider tipping your personal trainer and/or massage therapist up to the cost of one session for their services. They help you stay fit, well, and significantly less stressed — showing some recognition for their services will help spread holiday cheer.

9. Dry cleaner

You might want to tip your dry cleaning staff in cash but that might be unrealistic if they’re a sizable team of service providers. In that case RealSimple, suggests dropping off a box of donuts, baked goods, or a basket of fruit for the whole staff to enjoy.

10. Mail carrier

Here’s the rundown on tipping your mail carrier: The U.S. Postal Service forbids carriers from accepting cash, checks or gift cards that can be used like cash. Furthermore, gifts must be under $20 in value and you’re not allowed to give your carrier more than $50 worth of gifts in one calendar year.

(If you have a good relationship with your mail carrier and have been tipping them all these years without incident, we certainly won’t tell.)

11. Newspaper delivery person

Though it may seem like newspapers are slowly diminishing, many people still love holding the Sunday paper in their hands with a cup of warm coffee.

Give your newsie a few dollars or a small gift this holiday season to thank them for their weekly service.