For grandparents, aunts and uncles and other adults, there’s always a desire to find ways to connect and be close with the important kids in their lives — grandkids, nieces and nephews, others, who may not even live nearby.

Right now, with social distancing the norm and physical contact with even nearby family challenging, that desire for connection is even stronger. There’s Facetime and Zoom. And other ways to have conversations. But they’re often limited, one-sided, and hardly a substitute for meaningful engagement.

Kidvelope is a collaborative adventure game that starts with kids receiving a mission activity kit in the mail.

We’ve found one product that takes family connection to the next level. It’s called Kidvelope and it offers kids and the grown-ups who love them a whole new way to connect — to laugh, share, and play…to really be a part of each other’s lives — no matter where they live.

What is Kidvelope?

Kidvelope is a collaborative adventure game that starts with kids receiving a mission activity kit in the mail. Kids then team up with their grandparents, aunts/uncles, or others to complete mission activities through shared hands-on creative activities, online games, back and forth mail, and phone calls.

Kidvelope’s first themed mission is Space Rescue. And it’s designed specifically to facilitate active communication and sharing, learning about each others’ lives, and bonding.

The founding team behind Kidvelope includes alumni of Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO and HASBRO, all parents and grandparents, who wanted a more engaging and meaningful way to bond with the young kids in their lives.

Of course, maintaining and strengthening relationships between kids and grandparents — and other important older adults in their lives — isn’t “just” for the adults. Kids really value and enjoy them. And numerous studies now reveal significant tangible benefits to kids. 

Studies from the University of Oxford (UK) and Boston College, for example, report that kids with strong relationships with grandparents overall do better in school, have fewer emotional problems, feel more confident and empowered, and display stronger social and interpersonal skills.  

In today’s challenging world, Kidvelope seems an especially appealing and unique product for families interested in fun, meaningful ways to stay close. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit Also, for Considerable readers, Kidvelope is offering a special 25% off — just use the promo code “considerable” during checkout.