Let’s get your minds moving with a straightforward brain teaser, spotted over at Mental Floss.

We’ll start with a fairly obvious hint: the answer is not six. That would be too easy. One other hint: people born in the last few decades are at a disadvantage here.

While you give it some thought, here’s another viral brain teaser:


“Brain teaser” might not be the right term, as this is straightforward, order-of-operations math. If you want the answer and an explanation why the answer isn’t one, go here.

All right, back to the empty box. The answer is….



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If you learned to drive in an era where the stick shift was less prevalent, you might have missed this one. According to a CarMax study, 96% of people in the U.S. drive vehicles with automatic transmissions today. In 2016, only 18% of drivers knew how to drive a stick shift. Back in the 1980s, 35% of cars had manual transmissions.

Ready for another brain buster?

Can you solve this viral math problem? (Hint: it’s not 9)