Think of all the time you’ve spent scraping ice off your windshield, or shivering in the front seat waiting for the car’s defroster to really kick in. Good news: there’s a better — and faster, and easier — way!

With much of the country battling winter weather this week, it’s a good time to share an old trick for de-icing your windshield. The best part is, you likely have all the ingredients in your home already.

As Tennessee meteorologist Ken Weathers (yes, that’s his real name) explains, all you need is rubbing alcohol, water, and a spray bottle.

Mix two-thirds rubbing alcohol with one-third water, pour your solution in a spray bottle, and head outside to battle the cold. Instead of spending precious morning time scraping (and freezing), you just spray your windshield and watch the ice melt away like magic.

Allow Mr. Weathers to demonstrate here:

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