There’s a legend among us, and his name is Professor David Wright.

David Wright, Ph.D. is 69, a father of four and grandfather of seven. He’s been teaching physics and astronomy at Tidewater Community College in Virginia for the past 45 years. Wright has taught over 8,000 students — and conducted thousands upon thousands of experiments along the way.

Sound pretty standard, right?

Well, not exactly: Wright’s experiment demonstrations for his students have included laying on a bed of nails, rolling down the hallway, and nonchalantly hopping on a pogo stick in the middle of his classroom.

Long live Professor Wright

His students are perpetually enthralled by his unconventional approach.

One of Wright’s students, Erica Church, loved her professor’s physics demos so much that she created a video montage of all his experiments from the past semester.

On Wednesday, Church tweeted the video — and now it has more than 22 million views. Everyone’s in awe of Wright’s commitment to making science class not only educational, but amusingly entertaining.

If this isn’t the most wholesome thing you’ve watched in weeks, I’m thoroughly bewildered.

Twitter is officially obsessed with Wright. “CHERISH THAT MAN,” one reply read. Another user wrote: “I really have no idea why I’m crying right now.”