Welcome to the start of Considerable, a new website for people who are redefining what it means to grow older and looking forward to what’s next.

It is a group less defined by chronological age than by mindset and life stage—a point in time when you are feeling older but not old, when you are still vital, engaged, and considering what you want to do with the rest of your life. 

What’s next may be varied as the audience. It could be a big promotion at work (hello, peak earning years) or a pivot to a second career (by choice—or not). Or it might be transitioning to retirement.

It may include launching kids toward college or independence, recapturing romance in a newly empty nest, or welcoming a first (or fifth) grandchild. Or it could involve jumping back into the dating pool for the first time in decades.

At this stage of life, you’re likely starting to deal with a few health issues, small or large. But you might also be taking up tennis, ballroom dancing, or CrossFit for the first time.

And for many, this part of life will inevitably involve caring for an aging parent or spouse. But along with the tough comes the joyous—say, taking a bucket-list trip to the Australian Outback or renting a villa in Tuscany.

The possibilities are endless and, sometimes, so are the contradictions—and that is the point.

Who we are writing for

We are a generation that refuses to be defined or constricted by age or marginalized by other people’s ideas of what it means to be 50 or 60 or 70. Yes, we are vital and engaged, still growing, and ready to take on anyone who thinks otherwise.

That said, there is no denying an, “if not now, when?” subtext to our lives. We still feel young enough and vibrant enough to do great things. But we are also keenly aware that we don’t have all the time in the world left to accomplish them.

We are vital and engaged, and ready to take on anyone who thinks otherwise.

This is what we’re about at Considerable and who we are writing for. The goal: to deliver smart, useful, thought-provoking, engaging content that helps inform and inspire you when it comes to the aspirations, challenges, and pleasures of this stage of life.

Like the people we’re writing for, our aspirations are lofty. We want nothing less than to build and grow Considerable into a world-class, must-read destination for this audience.

What’s yet to come

We hope you will already find a wealth of stories that engage and inform you across our five main topic areas: Money, Work, Family & Home, Health & Wellness, and Pursuits.

As we continue to grow, we’ll bring you deeper dives and expanded coverage in such areas as second careers, retirement planning, healthcare, family finance, caregiving, travel, relationships, and fitness, along with lighter fare—fun, interesting stuff that serves no higher purpose than that we think you’ll enjoy reading it (actually, that feels like a pretty high purpose to us).

We’ll also continue to build our roster of columnists and contributors, who already include some of the best journalists and top experts in the business.

Plus, we will create more smart tools and comprehensive guides designed to help you more easily navigate the critical but often daunting decisions we face at this stage of life. Already on the site: a guide to picking the best Medicare plan, just in time for open enrollment season. A similar guide for Social Security is in the works.

What’s in a name

Finally, what’s up with the name, Considerable?

Well, at this stage of our lives, it is who we are: We are people of considerable experience and considerable skills. We’ve built considerable assets (sometimes financial, but more, life wisdom), and we still have considerable ambition.

We’ve built considerable assets, and we still have considerable ambition.

We are also considering our options. We are reinventing ourselves for this new chapter in our lives—considering what to do with our careers, family, money, health, and time, to make the most of who we are and hope to be.

In a word, Considerable.

Building on our past

Now, a bit of housekeeping: Considerable has acquired the assets of the former American Grandparents Association and its website, Grandparents.com.

Given the legacy of that brand and its loyal fans over the years, we didn’t want to eliminate content that some readers search for and might find useful. Dig deeper into the well of stories on our site and you will see many posts that reflect this former identity.

So that’s us.

We hope you will become a regular reader, sign up for our newsletter here, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and grow along with us.

If you have thoughts about stories you’d like to see or topics you’d like us to cover, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at editors@hihella.com.


The Considerable team