Retirement can be challenging for many people. Between establishing budgets and analyzing savings, pensions, Social Security, and retirement plans, it takes a lot of organization to set yourself up for life as a retiree.  

Setting goals for retirement is a great way to make the most of this next chapter of your life. While it is important to get your finances in order, this is the time to make the most of your days because you’ll finally have the time and space to indulge in all the things that bring you joy in life.  

Financial vs non-financial retirement goals 

When you start researching the topic of retirement goals, you will most probably see a long list of finance-related and budgeting goals to meet. While financial goals are incredibly important, it is also crucial to think about your non-financials goals in retirement. These goals will keep you excited and motivated to achieve great things even after you leave your job. Let’s take a look at some great goals after retirement that have nothing to do with your budget.  

Plan a milestone event 

Whether it’s a festive retirement party, a big birthday party, or a luxurious vow renewal, plan a milestone event for after retirement. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends and family and gives you something truly exciting to look forward to. Go all out with this milestone event to make some memories that will last a lifetime.  

A great thing about planning a milestone is that it gives you something to work on consistently and a day that you will undoubtedly look forward to with excitement. Some retirees feel a bit disenchanted when they leave work. The lack of routine, goals, and identity that comes with a career can leave many people feeling less than satisfied with their retired life. Planning things that you can work towards and have fun planning like a milestone event is a great goal for retirement.  

Go on an epic travel adventure 

Many people set traveling as one of their top goals after retirement. Many people look forward to their retirement for years so that they can travel without the burden of requesting time off and juggling vacation days. Planning a trip and going on a trip are both fun and exciting ways to plan your time. Think of all the places you’d like to go and pick one that is truly epic.  

Traveling outside of the country to somewhere you’ve never been is a great retirement goal. You can spend the time before your trip researching the country you’re visiting and finding incredible things to do there. Then after the trip, you’ll be able to reminisce over photos and memories for years to come.  

Put your health and wellness first 

It’s not news that careers can cause a lot of stress to workers. This stress can in turn negatively affect your health and wellness. Setting a retirement goal of prioritizing your health and wellness is a great way to stay fit and energized for all the adventures you’ll have throughout your retirement. Even if you haven’t been particularly active throughout your career, retirement is a great place to start! There are plenty of ways to incorporate some exercise into your life in a fun and engaging way. Activities you can try include walking, hiking, tennis, yoga, bowling, and golf.  

In addition to physical health, your overall sense of well-being should be prioritized as well. Many retirees experience a bit of trouble acclimating to their new lifestyle. Make sure you are prioritizing your mental health and doing the things that make you feel happy, confident, and fulfilled throughout your retirement years.  

Discover something new  

Whether it be a class, workshop, hobby, sport, language, or craft, discovering something new that brings you joy is one of the best goals for retirement to have. Acquiring a new skill will give you a sense of purpose and will make you feel good about how you spend your retirement days. You now have much more time to indulge in every whim and interest you’ve had throughout your life, so look into local classes and workshops or even online videos and lessons on topics that interest you!  

Consider a big move 

Most of us live close to where we work but this may mean putting some sizable distance between you and the rest of your families. Many retirees look forward to spending much more time with their loved ones. This may mean moving somewhere entirely new to be closer to family. Alternatively, you may live in a cold climate which means lots of low temperatures, snow, or poor weather. Why not consider a big move to a place with a climate more to your liking? You can also consider moving somewhere that aligns better with your hobbies. If you love fishing, hiking, and the outdoors, a move to a place with closer access to nature may be the right fit for you. Consider what you love about where you live and what you’d like to change and see if a big move should be on your list of goals in retirement.  

To wrap it up 

Retirement means lots more free time. This can be a blessing if you set some great retirement goals. Sitting around without anything to do after a full career working every day can be a hard transition for many retirees. Consider incorporating non-financial retirement goals into your retirement plan to make the most of this next chapter so you can take advantage of this lifestyle change to make some amazing memories.